From freelancing to business. How to grow your marketing agency on the European market

Zaltsman Media Advertising Agency is a team of digital marketing professionals with more than 10 years of experience. They provide a wide range of digital services including web development, SMM, SEO, branding and much more.


eLama’s Igor Konovalov will tell you how you can optimize work with your clients with eLama performance tools and the Partner Program.


Join us on the 18th of July. The session starts at 4 PM (London time)


In this live webinar you will learn:

  • Find your special way (from lead generation to client relations)

  • Client is a king or say "no" to unprofitable projects

  • Impact of market developments & trends (incl.Top 5 Big Players)

  • Listen to clients needs 

  • Build a trustful relationship

  • Create a team of professional and passionate people  

  • How to establish yourself as a reliable partner in the European market

  • Specifics of the European digital industry

  • How eLama can help you manage and optimize your clients' advertising




Regina Zaltsman | Owner / Managing Director, Zaltsman Media Advertising Agency

Igor Konovalov | PPC Expert, eLama


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