Work with eLama for free

Simple pricing to suit your needs


  • All-in-one account and payment hub
  • Bid Management Tool for 1
    Google Ads campaign
  • 3 recommendations per campaign
  • UTM-tagging tool
  • Account Performance Statistics
  • Email support

$75 per month

All the Basic’s features plus:
  • Unlimited Bid Management Tool
    for Google Ads
  • Unlimited access to Advisor
  • Priority support via all communication means (phone, e-mail, chat)


  • If you’ve just registered you can try the Optimal Plan 30 days for free.

  • You can switch to another plan from your profile at any time.

  • Your subscription fee will be charged from eLama balance. You can refill your balance with major credit and debit cards.

  • If by the end of the trial you have less than 75 USD on the balance, the bid management tool will stop for all campaigns and keywords. Bid management tool will be reactivated with previous settings after you repurchase the Optimal Plan.