eLama is a digital marketing automation platform made to simplify marketing operational tasks and help agencies and businesses worldwide to grow.

In recent years our company has grown and we are now ready to provide our tools to clients worldwide.

We help small businesses find new customers through the most efficient online marketing channels — Google Ads and Facebook. We make the workflow as easy as possible so that any business is able to drive growth without hiring in-house marketing specialists.

eLama is in the alpha-release stage but our basic set of tools are already available to our customers.

Management & Analysis Tools

You can start using our Advisor and Bid-management tools to optimize your Google Ads campaigns. eLama will provide you with an additional set of management solutions compared to your competitors. We are gradually adding new marketing platforms along with their optimization and automation tools, so keep in mind that our platform is constantly developing.

Having all your systems in one place makes the budget management process as convenient as possible. You can see your advertising systems remaining budget within the eLama dashboard and transfer money to them through the eLama Payment Hub. You don’t need to switch windows to see your status making the whole process as streamlined as possible.

Campaign Creation Tools

If you already run paid search campaigns in Google Ads try the eLama Smart Bid Calculator. It will help you identify the best Google Ads bids based on your strategic marketing targets. It’s also a helpful tool if you’re concerned that you might be paying more than you need for your ads.


We believe that constant education drives success so we invite you to join our free webinars and learn valuable tips and insights on how to grow your business through digital marketing.

Feel free to send your questions to our support team. We are a Premier Google SMB Partner meaning that our specialists can provide you with the best support and answer all your search engine marketing questions.

We help small businesses and agencies worldwide grow.

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