Many Facebook advertisers are worried that the price for a lead has increased significantly. One of the most common reasons for this is building a singular ad campaign for Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook always recommends creating a joint ad campaign for both platforms as it's much easier to manage one ad campaign. And in theory, Facebook should automatically select the placement where users are more likely to convert at a lower price.

The issue is that this strategy may not work right for your business. A joint ad campaign's success depends on various factors, and nobody can't predict if it will work for you or not. That's why it is a good idea to test both options — separate and joint ad campaigns. The results can help define the right approach for you. 

Also, keep in mind that Facebook and Instagram are different, with individual strengths and weaknesses. While the users overlap, the demographics and the way users interact with each platform remain quite diverse. 

Therefore, if one Business finds it beneficial to place ads in the Facebook feed, another company might find that they do better with Instagram Stories Ads.

What's the difference between ads on Facebook and Instagram? What to select?

There are various advantages and disadvantages to advertising on each platform. 

It's better to first define your goals, target audience, and the message you want to use for your ads; and only after that select a platform. 

If it seems that both platforms suit your goals, create similar campaigns (the only difference will be placements) for both platforms, and compare the results after the test run. Without testing, you will lose the opportunity to find out which platform brings you more profit for less spend.

4 Key Facts 

As you can see, Facebook is a proven conversion platform with numerous channels, such as audience network and Facebook marketplace, to name a few. It has a much wider reach than IG, so the possibility of getting sales is much higher with Facebook.

At the same time, Instagram is becoming more popular every year. This platform is famous for excellent visual content, so it is better to prepare catchy creatives if you decide to advertise here. 


Some campaigns work well on both Instagram and Facebook. Still, you can't see the real difference in performance unless the campaigns are separated from the beginning. 

To select the one that works for your business, set them up similarly, and then compare the metrics. For most companies (but not for all), there is a significant difference between the platforms' performance and results.

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