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With online advertising expected to grow in 2021, it’s important to stay on top of the game. You have lots of platforms to invest in, such as Google, Facebook, and TikTok. However, if you don’t use these platforms based on the current paid advertising trends, you could waste some resources.

Without further ado, here are some PPC trends 2021 to look out for. Read on and learn:

#1 PPC Automation

One of the most far-reaching trends in PPC advertising is automation. It involves using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It aims to get rid of labour-intensive tasks that often come with Google ads and the like.

It’s expected for the global PPC software industry to expand rapidly. It’s a trend that will force everyone to feed better data back into various platforms. To make your PPC efforts more successful, you must become more familiar with automation.

Even when losing some PPC control, it’s better to adapt and move forward. It gives more cycles to focus on techniques that aim to build brand awareness and affinity. Using automation wisely will keep your business standing when everything else fails.

Automation saves time while finding more methods of using human intelligence. With this, you can better manipulate the systems and gain an edge over competitors. It means you can build checks-and-balances for machines instead of account maintenance.

You can search for more methods to get notifications whenever systems don’t deliver your expectations. It matters not whether it’s from the tools’ shortcomings.

A good example of automation is using Automated rules for Google, Facebook and TikTok ad campaigns. This tool allows you to build your own scenarious and avoid overspending.

#2 Diversification

The loss of control in Google means a shift in PPC dollar spending. It opens a wider array of possibilities since you can use other advertising platforms. For example, Facebook Ads still give robust data for strategic decisions.

In 2021, you must diversify your skillset and go beyond Google advertising. With more diversity, you’re setting yourself up for success. It allows you to gain more control over your reach, spending, and message.

Diversification is key if you want to get a winning PPC strategy. It gives you nimbleness, allowing you to place yourself in a great position. You can capitalize on more scaling opportunities while redistributing your budget as your necessities change.

To follow this trend, test other platforms. Some of these include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. However, an important consideration is whether these platforms fit your desired audience base.

#3 Make the Most Out of First-Party Data

The way marketers source data will encounter disruptions this year. The primary cause is the changes in global policies for privacy. It means getting restrictions to third-party cookies for any web browser.

Now, you have to develop a data strategy while maintaining privacy compliance. Your goal is to get usable data even in this landscape. It means developing newer solutions that won’t rely on cookies.

However, having first-party data means getting higher accuracy. You can segment them with more customization options. It helps manage business goals while aligning with your brand objectives and needs.

It’s a daunting task. However, making first-party, data-driven solutions is worth your resource investments. After all, it will strengthen various digital channels.

Use server-wide analytics to increase your tracking accuracy. Web browsers can’t do anything to stop it for the most part. Focus your efforts on improving your first-party data to capitalize on this opportunity.

#4 New Opportunities on Instagram

Keep a watchful eye on Instagram since it’s one of the hottest paid social trends 2021. Most experts agree that it won’t take long before the platform opens more ad placements. They’ll use IGTV and Reels since they’re gaining more organic popularity.

Ad formats like Stories exceeded most advertisers’ expectations. With the launch of Reels, Instagram hopes to go after TikTok ad formats. Regardless, social media platforms will find ways to monetize their platforms.

#5 Big Picture Strategy

The PPC industry can change rapidly. Knowing the right timing is an important skillset. Have a creative mindset while maintaining your ability to see the big picture.

With a better campaign structure, you need not go blind. Group your campaigns using a common theme. Ensure that each ad and offer will appeal to your specific audience group.

Your market is easier to target when thinking about their behaviours and preferences. Never rely on observed variance in your gathered data.

Always align your decisions with your objectives. Don’t settle for Google’s recommendations and scores alone.

#6 Ad Message Focus

The effectiveness of your ad message will impact your PPC strategy. It’s more important than ever to write good ads. To achieve this, you must focus on understanding your customers as people instead of data.

You might get the right people at the right time. However, if you don’t have the right message, you’ll miss the opportunity. Creativity drives emotional connection, making it crucial for engagements.

Ad writing and execution play important roles this year and beyond. Develop new skills that improve planning and creative writing. It’s the only way to keep your ads relevant through the years.

#7 Use TikTok Ads Trends

With almost 700 million international users each month, TikTok opens new opportunities for PPC campaigns. The trend continues to rise since it first came out in 2016. In 2021, this social media platform serves as a great tool for marketing.

On TikTok, most creators use memes to share content. Both Millennials and Gen Z’s love this type of content. If you aim to appeal to this audience, memes offer a humorous way to advertise since they’re viral.

Effective meme usage for companies can boost your engagement rates. Make the most out of TikTok before more companies use the platform for their marketing campaigns. Use original and authentic brand content to succeed in your campaign.

Looking for ways on how to get started with TikTok ads? Learn about TikTok ad formats first. We also have a special offer that allows you to set $50 instead of $500 as your minimum budget for your campaign.

#8 Video Ads on Facebook Remain Dominant

Facebook users watch over 8 billion videos every day. Most use mobile devices to watch these clips. It means using mobile-friendly videos for your PPC campaign.

Facebook allows you to customize your audience based on the results. It helps a lot to make a lookalike audience for your succeeding video ads. It increases their effectiveness over time, netting you more potential leads.

Facebook Stories are also perfect for running video ads. It matters not whether they look amateur or professional. The former is better for ad recall and driving intent while the latter is for brand awareness.

#9 Fewer Data to Work With

Data obfuscation will continue in 2021. It’s because marketers will have limited access to Google Ads’ search query data. Tracking cookies will also cease to exist as everyone knows it.

It’s one of the major game-changers this year. These situations will force everyone to be as flexible as possible. The shift from transparency will continue since Google relies on machine learning.

This trend will force advertisers to rely on Google’s machine learning and data more. It takes away a lot of expertise involved. It will help small advertisers while hurting larger ones in the long run.

No one likes imperfect data. However, most competent marketers will use them to their advantage. Instead of focusing on their loss, marketers will think about what works best with what they have.

This year and beyond will make marketers learn how to guide their PPC campaigns without relying a lot on Google’s data. It means doing more with less.

#10 Understanding the Buyer Journey Better

This trend forces advertisers to adapt the whole picture of their target audience. It’s a direct effect of losing data transparency from Google and Microsoft.

It’s not all negative. It means marketers will move past language-driven ads to succeed.

This year, PPC marketers will focus more on their target audience. What matters more is the people seeing your ads. It compensates for the lack of control because of AI and automation.

To get the most out of these latest PPC marketing trends, focus your efforts on the buyer journey. Expect a good chunk of your time thinking about your ideal customers. It’s also important to know how they decide to buy from your brand.

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These are some paid advertising and PPC trends to watch out for. Use these digital marketing trends to make an effective strategy for your brand.

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