Automated rules for Google Ads and Facebook Ads will help you save advertising budget and manage your ads effectively even if you don't have enough time. How it works: you set conditions that dictate when the system should stop your ad campaigns, increase/decrease bid, or send you a notification by email. 

Let's take a closer look at the examples:

You can set a rule under which your ad campaigns will be stopped if the ad spend exceeds a certain amount. Thus, you will avoid budget overspending: 

If your ads rarely get seen, your bid may be insufficient and needs to be increased. Or you need to check targeting settings and the list of keywords.

You can ask the system to increase your bid and/or send you a notification if the number of impressions is less than a certain amount:

CTR is one of the primary metrics for tracking the effectiveness of paid ads. Even a small decrease can indicate a problem with your ad campaign settings, whether it's targeting or keyword settings.

For example, your ad might be triggered by irrelevant searches. In this case, it’s better to add more precise key phrases and check the list of negative keywords.

To receive a notification by email when the CTR level decreases, select the CTR value and enter the email address:

Is the cost per click too high? It’s time to check campaign settings. Just make sure you do it on time, and automatic rules will help you with this. You can add a notification that alerts you when the CPC is higher than the specified value:




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