7 February 2020
In this webinar, Krisztina Gyorffy from Google will talk about Google Local Campaigns - an easy and effective way of connecting online users with offline stores. Enjoy!
23 January 2020
Holidays are an awesome opportunity to significantly boost sales. In this webinar, you will be able to ask Odolena Kostova, Product Specialist from Google, how to prepare your Google Ads holiday campaigns!
17 January 2020
In this webinar, Igor Konovalov from eLama will tell you how to run effective advertising campaigns without an agency or a marketing team.
15 November 2019
In this webinar, LinkedIn expert AJ Wilcox and eLama Marketing Manager Alex Knizhnikov will tell you about the main differences between Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads. Moreover, you will learn what business is the best fit for each platform.
4 September 2019
Learn more about Google Ads Smart Display Campaigns, Responsive display ads and more in our latest webinar! This practical workshop was run on 28 August 2019.
10 June 2019
This webinar recording will be the most useful for PPC professionals. But it's also relevant for begginers as we cover universal freelancing issues.
22 May 2019
Learn how to start tracking conversion rates and what data you need to analyze in order to improve them. You will be able to confidently use Google Analytics to measure and evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns.
25 April 2019
Learn how to launch efficient Google Display Network campaigns from scratch and how eLama tools can help you in your advertising management.
14 March 2019
In this webinar you will learn how to set up and manage efficient Google Ads Search campaigns. We will go through the whole set up process, including keywords discovery, ad copywriting, bidding strategies and learn more about Google Ads automation opportunities.
8 February 2019
In this webinar, Google Customer Experience Specialists talked about how Google Ads tools and services can help grow your business. And how eLama service can make this process more easy, automated and efficient.