1 April 2020
Google introduced Display & Video 360 API and simplified the process of ad appeals, Facebook introduced new “Experiments” feature in Ads Manager. Find more news from the world of digital marketing in this digest!
2 March 2020
New requirements for a Google Partner Badge, IGTV monetization and direct website links from TikTok! Find more news from the world of digital marketing in this digest!
7 February 2020
In this webinar, Krisztina Gyorffy from Google will talk about Google Local Campaigns - an easy and effective way of connecting online users with offline stores. Enjoy!
3 February 2020
Popular Products and new Collections' features by Google, a new advertising unit on Twitter and much more in our monthly digital news digest!
23 January 2020
Holidays are an awesome opportunity to significantly boost sales. In this webinar, you will be able to ask Odolena Kostova, Product Specialist from Google, how to prepare your Google Ads holiday campaigns!
21 January 2020
In this article, Kosta Naichukov from eLama will explain what is remarketing, why it can be useful and what types of remarketing exist!
17 January 2020
In this webinar, Igor Konovalov from eLama will tell you how to run effective advertising campaigns without an agency or a marketing team.
10 January 2020
19 December 2019
Google Ads Display Network campaigns can be a great tool to drive more impressions. We've created a collection of articles about GDN that can boost your brand recognition!
13 December 2019
In today's fast-moving world only those who evolve have chances for success. In this article, you will learn how marketing changes day by day and what are the major trends in this market.
6 December 2019
Holidays are coming! eLama experts prepared a Holiday Marketing Guide in order to help you to boost sales during holidays. Check it out!
3 December 2019
YouTube Masthead on TV screens, adaptive anchor banners by Google, commercial links in TikTok and much more in our monthly digital news digest!
29 November 2019
Learn more about targeting options in the Google Display Network. Use our guide and set up an ad in GDN that will yield results.
11 November 2019
Learn how to select the goods that will fall under the discount and how to prepare your ad campaigns for Black Friday.
8 November 2019
eLama experts share their experience on how to advertise effectively in the foreign market.
1 November 2019
Google Ads Conversion Actions Now Available at the Campaign Level User-Generated Images in Product Reviews...
30 September 2019
eMarketer found out which ad format is the most annoying, Google introduces new medical treatment ad restrictions, Facebook announces new features and much more in our monthly digital news digest.
27 September 2019
Open your eyes to all the shortcomings of your advertising campaign. Ad campaign health check will show the quality of your ads and will provide you with solutions on how to resolve all the issues.
20 September 2019
We are happy to announce that eLama supports 11 new Google Ads account currencies. Now you can connect your existing Google Ads account. Check out the list of supported currencies!
13 September 2019
Experienced PPC professionals often share their knowledge. We've created a list of people who enormously contributed to PPC industry and who 100% should be followed on Twitter!
4 September 2019
Learn more about Google Ads Smart Display Campaigns, Responsive display ads and more in our latest webinar! This practical workshop was run on 28 August 2019.
2 September 2019
Google Assistant instead of Voice Search, account map for Google Ads account and new restrictions from Tweeter. Find more digital marketing news in this digest!
29 August 2019
Learn how to remarket with Google Ads and reach the right customers with the right message at the right time
26 August 2019
Learn more about Smart Display Campaigns in this article. Find out what are their limitations and how to set them up.
16 August 2019
Learn how Google ad extensions can help you boost your advertising performance and grow your business.
7 August 2019
We are happy to announce that eLama supports a new currency. Now you can connect your existing Google Ads accounts in euro.
6 August 2019
Irrelevant traffic negatively impacts the performance of ad campaigns. In this article, you'll learn how to get rid of it and increase the effectiveness of advertising with GDN!
1 August 2019
Google added two new search audiences, Facebook fights spammy health ads, Pinterest released a bunch of new video tools. Find more digital marketing news in this digest!
26 July 2019
How does Google Ads determine whether your ad is going to be seen by your customers? Learn more how eLama bidding tool can help you to stay at the top of Google search results.
23 July 2019
Read this article to learn how to exclude websites from Google Display Network placements. Try to use this Google Ads script to cut the routine.