18 September 2020
In this article, we will show you how automated rules can help you save the advertising budget and manage your ads effectively even if you don't have enough time.
2 September 2020
Practicing these avenues will help you form a solid foundation and deliver a stronger and more effective PPC campaign that has a higher rate of converting sales.
20 August 2020
In this article, we'll take a look at Google responsive search ads, what they can do for your business and how you can set them up the right way.
29 July 2020
eLama will take care of your Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns, stopping your ads or notifying you via email when the specified conditions are met. This way you can focus on other important things.
15 May 2020
In this article, we cover all Google Ads campaign types: learn more about ad formats, placements and available options.
10 April 2020
We are excited to announce the new features of the Advisor tool. Now the Advisor can identify ads without a phone number, sitelinks, or excluded interests. Read this article and learn more.
1 April 2020
Google introduced Display & Video 360 API and simplified the process of ad appeals, Facebook introduced new “Experiments” feature in Ads Manager. Find more news from the world of digital marketing in this digest!
2 March 2020
New requirements for a Google Partner Badge, IGTV monetization and direct website links from TikTok! Find more news from the world of digital marketing in this digest!
7 February 2020
In this webinar, Krisztina Gyorffy from Google will talk about Google Local Campaigns - an easy and effective way of connecting online users with offline stores. Enjoy!
3 February 2020
Popular Products and new Collections' features by Google, a new advertising unit on Twitter and much more in our monthly digital news digest!
23 January 2020
Holidays are an awesome opportunity to significantly boost sales. In this webinar, you will be able to ask Odolena Kostova, Product Specialist from Google, how to prepare your Google Ads holiday campaigns!
21 January 2020
In this article, Kosta Naichukov from eLama will explain what is remarketing, why it can be useful and what types of remarketing exist!