With the Google Display Network, you have the chance to tailor your ad campaigns to your particular needs. If some sources provide low-quality traffic you can exclude them from your ad campaign to make it much more efficient.

Mobile apps and games often bring an irrelevant audience so here we’ll share the steps it takes to exclude mobile apps and games from your Display ad campaigns.

To-do list:

  • Exclude all categories of mobile apps in Placement exclusion lists.
  • Exclude Games topic.

Checklist for mobile apps exclusion in Google Ads web interface:

  • Click the Tools icon, choose the Shared Library column. In this column, click Placement exclusion lists.
  • Create a new list using the Plus button.
  • Add all 140 presented categories. Click Save.
  • Add this list to all Display campaigns that you want to exclude mobile apps from.


Another way to exclude mobile apps is to use the AdWords Editor.

Checklist for mobile apps exclusion in the AdWords Editor:

  • Find Manage. Click Keywords and targeting, choose Mobile app categories, Negative.
  • Add a negative mobile app category.
  • Choose all the Display campaigns that you want to exclude mobile apps from.
  • Choose All apps. Press Ok.

In addition, you can exclude Games topic. This will reduce the number of ad impressions on platforms related to computer games and significantly increase the quality of the traffic you’ll receive.

eLama, Marketing Specialist