At eLama, we can help you grow your business or marketing agency in multiple ways. We provide a set of marketing automation and optimization tools, and PPC campaign creation and optimization services.

Previously, we offered only Google Ads campaign creation services. Now, we are branching out and adding Facebook Ads, Instagram campaigns and Google Analytics setup services.

Now you can get:

  • Google Ads Search and Display campaigns
  • Facebook Ads and Instagram ad campaigns
  • Facebook Pixel set up
  • Google Analytics set up and configuration


Business owners can use our services and easily start advertising on Facebook and Google. They will be able to see the opportunities Facebook, Instagram and Google offer if they haven’t used them in the past. Our services allow agencies to outsource their campaign creation to optimize their specialists’ time. 

It’s also important to have correct and proper analytics tracking if you want to get a holistic overview of what’s happening in your advertising campaigns.

You just need to submit the form on our website, describe your business objectives and the services you require with our manager and purchase the selected plan.


Learn more about our services here, and start advertising with eLama today!


eLama, PPC Marketing Specialist and Brand Evangelist