Do you want to target users who have already shown interest in your product? Of course, you do!

Let’s say you already have a remarketing campaign in Google Ads that’s targeting your website visitors. What membership duration did you set for this audience? 

Here’s why it’s important to set the membership duration. The membership duration determines how long people will be targeted with your Google remarketing ads after visiting your website. The duration depends on your business needs. Estimate the period of time during which your ads will be relevant to the user after the initial visit and set the optimal membership duration.

How to set the membership duration:

  • Once you’ve signed in to Google Analytics, click admin and navigate to the property in which you want to create the audience. In the property column, click Audience Definitions, then click Audiences. Here you need to create a new Audience by clicking +New audience.

  • Then select the Audience definition. In the window that appears set the membership duration (for example: 38 days). Don’t forget to set all the other necessary settings and save the Audience. Now you can use this target audience for your remarketing campaign in Google Ads.

If you need to set a delay in ads impressions after the user’s visit you need to create two audiences. Determine the period of delay (for example: 7 days) as a membership duration for your second Audience. Make sure you clearly name these two different audiences to avoid any mix ups.

Next, go to Google Ads and use the first audience as your target audience when creating an ad group. After the ad group is created, go to the' settings, click Audiences, Exclusions and exclude the second audience. This means your ads will be shown to your target audience after the initial time delay that you set and up to the end of the membership duration you chose.


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