Placements cleaner script for Google Display Network

GDN is a large network. One of the main questions advertisers face is how to manage placements in Google Ads' Display Network. To be more specific: how to exclude specific websites.

There are good placements and bad ones. Bad placements may motivate the audience to click on ads but you are only receiving clicks without conversions, and as a result, your CPA goes up.

Even if you use smart bidding strategies (like tCPA) you shouldn't rely on Google algorithms. They are too slow and exclude bad placements only after the money has been spent.

So you must check the placement report every day and manually exclude bad placements. But cleaning is exhausting, so let's automate this with Google Ads Scripts!

The first versions of this Google Ads script were only checking statistics and they weren't better than Google's algorithms.

But if you spend enough time cleaning GDN placements you know that the most common bad placements are about torrents, free games, and watching cartoons online, etc. Sometimes you don't need to spend any money to know "this placement is bad for me". You just look at the domain or title

Because of this, PPC specialists have created scripts that search negative keywords in domains and titles of placements.

Here you can find the latest version of this script from Dmytro Tonkikh.

How to use the script

1. Make a copy of this spreadsheet

2. Place your negative keywords for domains on the domains tab and negative keywords for titles on the keywords tab

3. Create a placement exclusion list (you must add at least one placement for creation)

4. Create a script in Google Ads and paste the code in there

5. Place the link to your spreadsheet in variable SHEET_URL

6. Place the name of your placement exclusion list in variable exludedPlacementList

7. Run ‘Preview’ and authorize the script

8. Set hourly frequency

And there you have it. Now you can exclude the placements that will bring you the unnecessary traffic without spending a dime on testing.

eLama, PPC Marketing Specialist and Brand Evangelist