Deep Dive Into Google Ads Display Network Campaigns

Google Ads Display Network campaigns can be a great tool to drive more impressions and boost your brand recognition. However, GDN capabilities are not limited to this type of advertising. From this webinar, you will learn how you can get the max out of your GDN campaigns with more advanced tools!

This webinar session covers:

  • Responsive Display Ads
  • Smart Display Campaigns
  • Maximize conversions for Display
  • Audience Expansions
  • How eLama can help small businesses and marketing agencies


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How to Set Up Smart Display Campaigns In Google Ads and How They Work

Smart Display Campaigns (SDC) in Google Display Network (GDN) show your ads to people who are most likely to convert on your website. SDC use auto-targeting, auto-bidding, and automated ad creation for the best performance. Learn how to set them up in our article!


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Google Display Network Targeting Guide

When someone says Google Ads, most of us imagine ads in the search results. However, there are several campaign types in Google Ads – Search Network, Display Network, Shopping, Video, and App.

In the Search Network, advertisers use keywords and match types for targeting prospects who use relevant search queries. However, in Display Network, things work differently. Learn how they work in our special article!


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How to Get Rid of Irrelevant Traffic in Google Display Network

Novice advertisers often complain that Google’s Display Network (GDN) ads are not worth the money. Some people can’t afford the high conversion price and others blame GDN for low-quality traffic. Indeed, an advertiser without experience can waste money on poor traffic from YouTube’s kids' channels and mobile apps and games. In fact, the Google Display Network allows users to decide where ads will be displayed.

In this article, you'll learn the main methods of traffic purification!


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Google Ads Script: How to Exclude Bad Placements from Google Display Network Campaigns

GDN is a large network. One of the main questions advertisers face is how to manage placements in Google Ads' Display Network. To be more specific: how to exclude specific websites. Learn how in our special article!


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How to Exclude Mobile Apps and Games from Your Display Ad Campaign

With the Google Display Network, you have the chance to tailor your ad campaigns to your particular needs. If some sources provide low-quality traffic you can exclude them from your ad campaign to make it much more efficient.

Mobile apps and games often bring an irrelevant audience so in this article we’ll share the steps it takes to exclude mobile apps and games from your Display ad campaigns.


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