The Facebook Marketing Partner badge is awarded to companies that meet the highest standards of performance and service. 

This badge acknowledges the expertise these businesses offer, and that’s why they come highly recommended by Facebook.

eLama became the Facebook marketing partner earlier this year in September. Let’s explore why it matters to you. 

Reasons to work with Facebook Marketing Partners

  • Confidence. Facebook Marketing partners have already proven their expertise; they are known as specialists with verified technical skills.
  • Priority support. Facebook marketing partners have access to partner-specific resources and support. Using these, they can provide answers and solutions to their customers a lot faster.
  • Best practices. Partners have access to advanced Blueprint courses, tutorials, and exclusive events, and they can share this knowledge with you. For example, eLama’s experts offer free webinars and in-depth guides to making paid advertising more productive for you.

eLama platform: An all-in-one solution for Facebook and Instagram ads

Here’s why you can count on us to make your Facebook and Instagram ads better:

  • Create Facebook Ads campaigns even if you have no experience in paid ads.

The Ad creation tool allows you to create a Facebook Ads campaign in a few clicks. Recommendations from PPC experts at each step of ad campaign creation help you launch your ads effectively.

  • Health check your ads and get recommendations on ad campaign optimization.

The built-in Advisor tool audits your ad campaign to give you an overall performance rate along with a list of suggestions on how to optimize these ads.

  • Save your budget and manage your ads effectively even if you don't have enough time.

Avoid overspending and simplify ad campaigns management using Automated rules for Facebook Ads. You set conditions that dictate when the system should stop your ad campaigns, increase/decrease bid, or send you a notification by email. 

  • Simplify the process of working with new leads.

eLama clients receive info on new leads right in their inboxes or on their eLama dashboard. This saves time and effort while working with Facebook lead generation ads.

  • Get a comprehensive view of your ad accounts.

Interactive Dashboards and the built-in Performance Statistics provide you with all the necessary data. Track your ad campaign's performance and determine the most effective marketing channels in minutes.


Delivering quality customer support is crucial for us as we do our best for our clients and their success. That’s why we are always in touch and ready to help you answer any questions you may have about Facebook and Instagram ads.

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