Facebook’s popularity has made Facebook Ads one of the most effective advertising platforms. The vast majority of companies launch advertising campaigns and get leads from Facebook on a regular basis. Some businesses prefer to outsource Facebook marketing while others learn how to tune it on their own.


Let’s admit – Facebook Ads isn’t the easiest thing in the world. As you know, the devil is in the detail and Facebook Ads are all about details, setting, and targetings. Every single mistake will result in a significant budget loss. Nobody likes wasting money, that’s why some advertisers are afraid of Facebook Ads and lose out on such an awesome promotional channel.


eLama experts have created a special checklist for those who want to launch a Facebook Ads campaign on their own. The checklist is a precise step-by-step guide with a bunch of useful tips. 


This checklist will help you:

  • Choose the right target marketing objective

  • Choose which ad format better suits your business

  • Set up and use dynamic URL parameters for campaign performance analysis.

  • Create Facebook Audiences that reflect your advertising needs and objectives

  • Write a compelling ad copy



eLama, Marketing Specialist