This week we launched a new free tool that allows you to track competitors' ads on Facebook and Instagram. Using this tool, you can find out what ad creatives, texts and CTA your competitors use. Thus, you get regular reports on your competitors’ ads without spending your own resources on this.

How it works

  • You enter the URLs of the competitors' Facebook pages and your email
  • Once completed, you start receiving emails with competitors’ ads

*If a competitor does not have active ads right now, you will receive emails as soon as ads will be launched

  • We check the ads on a daily basis and send you all the updates 
  • You receive all the data on competitors’ ads by email

Why monitor competitors’ ads?

  • Learn how your competitors interact with customers
  • Save time on monitoring market trends
  • Receive all the updates on competitors’ ads regularly 
  • Find new ideas for your ad campaigns by monitoring various companies’ ads


Start monitoring

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