We have exciting news to share with you. We are making our first steps towards a unified payment hub for multiple advertising systems. Creating a Google Ads account within eLama allows you to manage your advertising budget without switching to different ad channels.


Our payment hub accepts all currencies and allows you to transfer your funds to different advertising platforms and Facebook is next on the list.

How to create an account

You can create an account by choosing this option in the account connection menu.

When you leave a creation request you will receive your new Google Ads account within 4 working hours.

You will receive a confirmation email from our support team and another one from Google.

Make sure you check out our full detailed guide in our Help Center.

How to transfer your campaigns to a new account

If you want to use eLama Tools with your existing campaigns but don’t want to link your own account to eLama there is a way to do so.

The easiest way is to copy your existing campaigns to eLama Google Ads account with Google Ads Editor.

You can download your campaigns from Google Ads account in CSV format and then re-upload it to your new account.

Learn more on how to do this in this short guide.

We have more great news about eLama tools coming soon, so stay tuned!

Customer Support Team

We are always ready to assist you at any stage of your campaign management process. Feel free to contact our Customer Support Team and receive top of the line support.


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