19 April 2019
Two ways of campaign creation with Google Adwords Editor.
11 April 2019
Conversion tracking is an important part of ad campaigns' evaluation. Learn more about conversions and their benefits in this article.
29 March 2019
Using negative keywords to stop your ad from appearing in front of the wrong audience
18 March 2019
Learn more about the eLama Partner Program and start growing your business with us.
14 March 2019
In this webinar you will learn how to set up and manage efficient Google Ads Search campaigns. We will go through the whole set up process, including keywords discovery, ad copywriting, bidding strategies and learn more about Google Ads automation opportunities.
14 March 2019
Determination of the PPC budget is an extremely important aspect of your ad campaign's success. Learn how to calculate it in this article.
7 March 2019
eLama allows you to create a new Google Ads account within it's interface. Use eLama Payment Hub to refill your Google Ads balance
1 March 2019
The success of your Google Ads campaign strategy is dependent on well-researched and properly used keywords. Keywords...
21 February 2019
Going digital does not mean leaving traditional marketing behind, but effectively incorporating a diverse approach to marketing communication.
12 February 2019
Specify the number of days a potential customer will see your ads after he visited your website.
8 February 2019
In this webinar, Google Customer Experience Specialists talked about how Google Ads tools and services can help grow your business. And how eLama service can make this process more easy, automated and efficient.
7 February 2019
Excluding mobile apps and games can significantly increase the performance of your Display ad campaigns. Learn how to do it in this article.
29 January 2019
Reach your target audience using a combination of keywords and website URLs relating to a specific topic.
22 January 2019
Using a shared budget is an easy way to allocate budget across multiple campaigns. Use this tool and you can stop monitoring daily spend.
15 January 2019
Here's how to get started measuring the performance of your campaigns across different locations. Use this information to better allocate your budget.
13 December 2018
eLama is a digital marketing automation platform made to simplify marketing operational tasks and help agencies and businesses...
12 December 2018
Gmail ads are an extremely effective way to target potential customers. Learn how to reach your audience in their inboxes.
5 December 2018
Make sure that your website is mobile friendly and get more clients. 7 Tips for website mobile performance optimization.
23 November 2018
Ad optimization can be tricky. There are many ways how to go about it, but today we would like to look into one of the classic ad optimization methods.
23 November 2018
Advanced ad settings give you more strategic control over every aspect of your campaign. Learn how to boost your Google Ads performance with some of the available customization options.
23 November 2018
Your Google Ads Quality Score will determine your CPC and final ad position. It is important to keep it well optimized. Learn how to do it on our blog.
20 November 2018
Conversion tracking is crucial for your whole PPC marketing strategy. Learn how to set up the right targets in our blog.
20 November 2018
Searching for the best YouTube channels for your ad placement can be time-consuming. Find out how you can save your time with a simple script.