18 July 2019
YouTube is the most popular video hosting all over the world. In this article, we will talk about all YouTube advertising formats.
10 July 2019
Do you check the location performance of your PPC campaigns and exclude locations that don't perform well? We are! Check out this article and reach your audience using our handy tips.
1 July 2019
Google reduced crypto-related websites traffic, Instagram announced new placements for ads, Twitter removed precise location tags. Find more digital marketing news in this digest!
28 June 2019
We bet you've seen that Boost Post button on Facebook at least once. Is it worth it? How much money should you spend? We've answered all these questions in the new article by eLama!
25 June 2019
All you want to learn about Gmail Ads: a quick overview, targeting options, best practices and tips.
21 June 2019
Do you want to become a freelancer but don't know how to start? Check out this article to get some ideas on how you can accomplish your dream.
18 June 2019
In this webinar recording, you will learn how to advertise on Facebook and get tips on best practices from our Facebook partner. As a bonus, our eLama PPC expert will share with you how you can manage and optimize your Facebook advertising with eLama tools and services.
14 June 2019
In this guide, you'll find all the specifications and image sizes for different Facebook advertising formats.
11 June 2019
Read the article about all the new filters and opportunities. We hope you will enjoy working with the updated Lead Ads Import tool!
10 June 2019
This webinar recording will be the most useful for PPC professionals. But it's also relevant for begginers as we cover universal freelancing issues.
7 June 2019
Facebook is among the most efficient advertising platforms in the market. It’s not a secret....
30 May 2019
Learn more about our Facebook Ads management and optimization tools from this article.
27 May 2019
Learn what rules you must follow to successfully advertise on Facebook.
22 May 2019
Learn how to start tracking conversion rates and what data you need to analyze in order to improve them. You will be able to confidently use Google Analytics to measure and evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns.
16 May 2019
UTM tagging is one of the simplest ways to track the efficiency of your newsletters, social and paid traffic performance.
9 May 2019
Learn more about Lead Ads and start advertising on Facebook.
2 May 2019
Targeted advertising is the most powerful marketing tool to promote a product or service. There’s nothing better than Facebook...
25 April 2019
Learn how to launch efficient Google Display Network campaigns from scratch and how eLama tools can help you in your advertising management.
19 April 2019
Two ways of campaign creation with Google Adwords Editor.
11 April 2019
Conversion tracking is an important part of ad campaigns' evaluation. Learn more about conversions and their benefits in this article.
29 March 2019
Using negative keywords to stop your ad from appearing in front of the wrong audience
18 March 2019
Learn more about the eLama Partner Program and start growing your business with us.
14 March 2019
In this webinar you will learn how to set up and manage efficient Google Ads Search campaigns. We will go through the whole set up process, including keywords discovery, ad copywriting, bidding strategies and learn more about Google Ads automation opportunities.
14 March 2019
Determination of the PPC budget is an extremely important aspect of your ad campaign's success. Learn how to calculate it in this article.
7 March 2019
eLama allows you to create a new Google Ads account within it's interface. Use eLama Payment Hub to refill your Google Ads balance
1 March 2019
The success of your Google Ads campaign strategy is dependent on well-researched and properly used keywords. Keywords...
21 February 2019
Going digital does not mean leaving traditional marketing behind, but effectively incorporating a diverse approach to marketing communication.
12 February 2019
Specify the number of days a potential customer will see your ads after he visited your website.
8 February 2019
In this webinar, Google Customer Experience Specialists talked about how Google Ads tools and services can help grow your business. And how eLama service can make this process more easy, automated and efficient.
7 February 2019
Excluding mobile apps and games can significantly increase the performance of your Display ad campaigns. Learn how to do it in this article.