We help businesses grow by making digital advertising more transparent and accessible

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27 000 customers
20 countries
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We create tools
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Our tools help create a more unified and accessible digital marketing infrastructure to small and medium-sized businesses. We aim to create a single, convenient platform that will help entrepreneurs in their advertising management.

Our digital marketing management tools and our professional support team are here to make your business successful.

about eLama

A global team with more than 10 years of history

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We started as a small startup in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2008. eLama has come a long way to become a major advertising SaaS provider in Eastern Europe.

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In 2017, eLama has moved its headquarters to Singapore to expand into new global markets.

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Kazakhstan became the first checkpoint of expansion.

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Our Brazilian office opened in 2018
in São Paulo.

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In 2019, we opened our office in Dublin, Ireland.

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With help from our partners, we are now opening new markets and helping businesses grow globally.

Environment of growth, opportunity and creativity

We have created an environment of growth, opportunity and creativity. Every member of the team has a chance to architect the future of eLama.

We value creativity, constant education and support a comfortable work-life balance for our employees.

An international team of more than 300 professionals

We are developers and artists. We create digital marketing automation solutions to empower businesses, freelancers and agencies.

eLama aims to bring the best out of our employees. The tasks we face daily create a ground for constant professional development.

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