eLama started as a small startup in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Our Story

We have come a long way to become a major advertising SaaS provider in Europe


We opened a new office in São Paulo to expand into the Brazilian market.


The next turning point was the opening of the Dublin office in 2019. With our partners, we are entering new foreign markets and empowering businesses to grow globally with our solutions and community of professionals.

our mission

Our mission is to optimize PPC management for advertisers

This mandates using automation solutions for data collection, campaign optimization, and deep data analytics.

We strive to save time and budget advertisers spend on campaign management

Our Achievements


eLama is among the top 3 Google Partners in terms of the number of advertisers.

We are trusted by millions of advertisers around the world


eLama is one of the first digital marketing platforms to create a marketing tool for TikTok Ads.

Automated rules for TikTok Ads allow advertisers to create customized rules for their advertising campaigns in a few clicks


eLama is a Premier Google Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner. That means that we meet the highest standards of service

google google

Our Core Values

innovation Innovation

Insightful feedback and collaboration with our community of professionals allow us to constantly introduce new, innovative solutions.

passion Passion

We help our clients overcome any difficulties they may face when advertising online. This includes individual solutions to automate their marketing campaigns.

integrity Integrity

Trust and transparency are the basis of everything we do. We build honest and trusting relationships with all our partners and clients.

quality Quality

At eLama, we are committed to providing high-quality solutions that are based on expertise and data analytics. Our platform aims to deliver value to our clients.


>10 years of experience
56k global clients
50+ countries
300+ global employees
$56 billion ad spend managed through our platform
700+ events

All-in-one solution for paid ads