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eLama Performance Tools

Paid advertising can be simple and effective with eLama tools. Focus on other essential tasks and get maximum results even with a limited budget.

create Campaign creation
Creating campaigns for Google Ads

Hints and expert advice on each step of campaign creation will help make your ads more effective before they're launched. The Google Ads template will help you launch your ads quickly.

monitoring Data monitoring

Interactive Dashboards bring all your marketing data together in one place so you can track your ad campaign’s performance with one-click access to key metrics.

statistics Data monitoring
Performance Statistics

The Statistics tool allows you to conduct an in-depth data analysis of advertising accounts. Instead of switching between different analytics systems, you can check all the critical metrics in eLama.

rules Optimization
Automated rules

Automated rules stop your ads or notify you by email if the specified conditions are met. This tool will always keep you aware of how your ads perform.

advisor Optimization

The Advisor tool will audit your ad campaigns and provide you with an overall performance rate along with a list of suggestions on how to optimize ad campaigns and avoid budget overspending.

management Optimization
Bid management

Update bids automatically and get the necessary traffic volume at a favorable price

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