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eLama marketing tools automate operational tasks in your Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. Switch your attention to the bigger strategic tasks at hand.

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Bid management tool for Google Ads

eLama bidding automation system allows you to achieve optimized bid prices while creating the most efficient results. Set rules and maximum bids so that our system will deliver the best possible results and prevent you from unnecessary spending.

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Advisor for Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Run quick ad campaign analysis with our advisor tool and receive precise recommendations on how to boost the performance of your campaign. Optimize your campaigns, increase CTR, ROI, cut unnecessary spendings. Advisor underlines all costly mistakes and proposes a fitting solution.

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Automatic SEM Reporting (Coming Soon)

Create insightful reports for your customers or supervisors to demonstrate the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Features are fully integrated with Power BI solution templates.

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Payment hub

Manage your Google Ads balance. Add money to your Google Ads account balance in a convenient and transparent way.

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One window account creation

We will create a Google Ads account for you and provide you with direct access to it.

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Smart Bid Calculator for Google Ads

Identify optimal bid price using our free Smart Bid Calculator. Find ways to optimize your bid strategy and start saving money.

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Maintain direct access to your linked Google Ads and Facebook accounts

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Customer Support Team

We are always ready to assist you at any stage of your campaign management process. Feel free to contact our Customer Support Team and receive top of the line support.


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